Gather round, at let me tell you the power of prayer. Do not ask the Universe for things you do not want. She will give them to you in abundance.

Goddess Bless, bring balance into my life. Clearly what I needed was another job. And in the mysterious ways of Life, I really did, and so the right job came in the right way. The way I couldn’t dodge.

So I get a call yesterday from the YMCA where my kids all play soccer. And they say, “Your youngest son is on a team but we have no coach. Will you coach?” Now I’m a busy man, as I’ve been saying, but I’m more flexible than most in my time, and so I said “put me at the end of the list, and call me back if you’re stuck.”

They were stuck.

And so twice a week for four weeks, I will take off early from work and run three-year-olds through soccer drills. My entire experience with soccer was being cut from the team in eighth grade and occasionally watching my seven-year-old’s team. I wouldn’t know a throw-in if it hit me in the head. But luckily that’s pretty unlikely. They’re three years old. No follow-through.

It was so sneaky in slipping into my life. If it were longer than four weeks, I couldn’t have done it because I’m committed to going to California in June. If it were my oldest boy’s team, I really wouldn’t be qualified. But it’s just the right length of time, with a team who’s young enough that “playing soccer” is much more about playing than soccer. And maybe they’ll learn a few things about teamwork, and hopefully they’ll learn about taking turns. And I know I’ll learn about ten times what they do.

I’m excited, and it’s what I needed, and that’s what you get if you leave yourself open to it. And that my friends is the real power of prayer. Not the power of asking; the power of accepting the answer when it comes.