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It is right to give thanks and blessing when we eat. Food is so important, and so much goes into providing it, that mealtimes are an important time to stop for a moment and give thanks. It is also the easiest of rituals to introduce into our lives, and the importance of ritual is something we’ve lost track of in the modern, Western world. Read the rest of this entry »


Another Solstice come and gone. Blessed be the sun. Here in the American South, we’re entering his time of power. The days may be getting shorter, but soon the heat will be upon us. Marking the times of year brings us back to the Here and the Now. Our modern life hangs timeless, without location. I hop on a plane and see a friend three thousand miles away. I chat with another friend half way around the world. I write these words and they might be read tomorrow or a year from now, in the summer or in the fall. There’s a lot that is good about that. We shouldn’t cast that aside. 

But there is a lot that is good about rooting ourselves in the moment, in our own space. The Earth reminds us of this when we eat out of season. Yes, you can have your asparagus in December, but doing so is its own punishment. You can get your tomatoes from another hemisphere, but would you know what they were blindfolded?

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Ian asked, “Where did the first weed come from?”

And so began a talk that required the entire history of the Universe (abridged) to explain. The most natural question: “but where did that come from?” And we took it back to a speck of absolutely everything and an explosion you can still hear today. “But where did the speck come from?”

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When I talk about beliefs, I’m talking about things taken on faith, not things based on evidence. They are not just things that I believe to be true, but things that I believe even if they aren’t true. My faith was once quite different. Everything changed when I realized that if my old beliefs were true, I would still be better off damned than to obey an immoral Law.

We are all connected. That is my cleaving point, the thing I measure all other statements against. Any idea that conflicts with that basic concept is false. Any action that denies it is immoral. Everything else I might say or do is only a pale shadow, a trivial corollary of that one truth.


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Locality in time and space is becoming more important to me. Gandhi speaks a lot about buying local (as part of swadeshi or self-reliance). I originally understood that only as it relates to economic independence. For India, it was important that they stop exporting their cotton to England just to buy it back as finished good. Not only did they lose the substantial markup, but they also lost much of their ability to be self-sufficient. But as I’ve been reading Spiral Dance, I’ve grown to understand locality on another level.

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